About Us

Seed Spaces is Sydney’s newest coworking, event and networking space, designed for purpose-driven business owners.

We help social and eco-conscious leaders turn good intentions into business innovations, partnering them with like-minded legends to build their network, share ideas and create wildly profitable, impactful enterprises.

At Seed Spaces, we believe that businesses have a powerful opportunity, and responsibility, to create a positive impact – on our environment, our communities and stakeholders.

Further to this, data has shown us that creating a business for good, is quite simply, good for business.

Cause-integrated companies consistently attract and retain top talent, build loyal customer bases and create long-lasting global impact. They also have an enormous opportunity to capture market share and drive long-term prosperity.

How you choose to position your brand and conduct business MATTERS, and our goal is to build a community of like-minded, ambitious and purpose-fuelled individuals to create a collective which has the power to change the world.

Whether you’re a new business, fuelled by a passion to foster world change or an existing business with a cause-centric focus, we’re here to help connect you and keen to chat! Send us a message for more details.




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