2022 Glebe Stories Festival | Glebe’s Live Storytelling Night

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This event takes place on the unceded lands of the Gadigal Peoples. 

When joining this event, we ask that you walk mindfully, with humility and respect for the Traditional Custodians, their knowledge, culture and Elders, both past and present. We pay our respects and gratitude for what is, was and always will be, Aboriginal Land 

Glebe is a special place with many stories to tell. Local stories don’t just tell us about place, they share with us the importance of place to the people who live, work and learn there… 

In Glebe, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community speaks of resilience, culture, strength and connection to more than 65,000 years of community, Eldership and knowledge. 

The local social housing residents speak of collaboration, social justice and enduring battles against gentrification in our Glebe. 

The many diverse migrants who have found a home in our Glebe speak of creativity, identity and families, old and new. 

The feminists, young, old and emerging speak volumes of social activism and how these movements connect and ingnite community-led change. 

Every corner of Glebe holds stories of new and old and those ancient stories embedded within the land. 

Join us for a night of community and storytelling. This event will be a special celebration of the diversity within our Glebe. Together we will laugh, cry and feel what it truly means to be connected to a place and to a community. 

The theme of this event is ‘A moment when Glebe changed me..’ 

These stories will be honest, personal and raw, shared in front of a live audience with heart. 

Have a story you’d like to share about Glebe? Register your interest to tell a true to life story, without notes about a time when something happened in Glebe which changed you. Register your interest here. 

Meet our Host – Andy Leonard 

Andy was the host of the Sydney shows for ‘The Moth’ from 2015-2020. His love of storytelling brought him to create the monthly storytelling event ‘This Is Totally Fucked’, a night dedicated to stories about overcoming adversity. 

As a storyteller Andy has performed in theatre, TV and cabaret. Some of Andy’s notable roles include ‘The Bible, the complete word of God (abridged)’, ‘Gagarin Way’, ‘Get Gary’, ‘Songs of Grace and Redemption’, ‘Only Fools and Horses’ International Tour, Paul Keating in ‘Keating!’ He is also an extinguished writer. More info at www.andyleonard.com.au

<… 2022 Glebe Stories Festival is run by Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative and led by a committee of incredible local Elders and community members. This event is proudly supported by City of Sydney. 

Event Timeline 

5:45 pm – Arrival 

6:00 pm – Acknowledgment of Country & introductions 

6:10 pm – First Session (5 storytellers) 

6:50 pm – break and mingling 

7:15 pm – Second session (4 storytellers) 

7:55 pm – Program wrap up 

8:00 pm – Mingling 

8:45 pm – Event closes 

About Seed Spaces

Seed Spaces is a boutique, independent and locally-owned cowork and event space based in the heart of Glebe.

Designed with the earth and sustainability in mind (think recycled timbers, natural light and a plethora of plants) this multi-purpose space is the perfect venue for work, hire or play.

With a passion for community and making a positive impact Seed is honoured to be supporting TRANBY and the 2022 Glebe Stories Festival.

To find out more visit www.seedspaces.com

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