2022 Glebe Stories Festival | Glebe’s Playback Theatre

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Want to see theatre created with honesty, humour and grit, right in front of you? Come and join the improvised creation of Playback theatre!

About this event

This event takes place on the unceded lands of the Gadigal Peoples. 

When joining this event, we ask that you walk mindfully, with humility and respect for the Traditional Custodians, their knowledge, culture and Elders, both past and present. We pay our respects and gratitude for what is, was and always will be, Aboriginal Land. 

Playback Theatre is a theatre of stories told by the community for the community. 

Want to see theatre created with honesty, humour and grit, right in front of you? Come and be a part of the improvised creation of Playback Theatre! 

Tranby and the Glebe Stories Festival invites you to celebrate and strengthen community spirit, by showing up and sharing stories to create something truly unique together. 

You are free to sit back and enjoy listening to the stories then watching as the performers (including live musician) create theatre using the skill of improvisation or you may choose to share your experience – no one is forced to do anything, and everyone is invited to share. This is theatre which will never be reproduced, it is created in the moment only to live on in the mind and hearts of those gathered to share its invitation. 

How does it work? 

The Playback team invites people from the audience to share stories from their life and celebrates every story told as an affirmation of the life lived in that community. The celebration happens between the meeting of audience stories and the improvising performers who listen and spontaneously reflect the stories shared as theatre, created on the spot. 

People often remark after experiencing Playback ‘it’s like magic to see how seamlessly this happens’. Playback performances reflect the complexity of human experience whilst celebrating commonalty – together we strengthen connections between us and between our stories and in doing so breaking down feelings of isolation. 

This event is part of Tranby’s Glebe Stories Festival and is proudly supported by The City of Sydney. 

Event Timeline 

2:15 pm – Arrival at Seed Spaces 

2:30 pm – Guests are seated & program begins 

2:35 pm – Acknowledgment of Country & introductions 

2:40 pm – Playback Theatre commences 

4:00 pm – Playback Theatre concludes 

4:30 pm – Mingling, followed by light refreshments 

5:00 pm – Event closes 

About Seed Spaces

Seed Spaces is a boutique, independent and locally-owned cowork and event space based in the heart of Glebe.

Designed with the earth and sustainability in mind (think recycled timbers, natural light and a plethora of plants) this multi-purpose space is the perfect venue for work, hire or play.

With a passion for community and making a positive impact Seed is honoured to be supporting TRANBY and the 2022 Glebe Stories Festival.

To find out more visit www.seedspaces.com

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