be-together presents: A relationship-centric approach to hybrid work

Our workplaces are changing, and the transition to the future of work will impact us all in many ways. To support employees to do their best work, organisations need to balance the desire for flexibility, with the need to spend purposeful time together.

Taking an intentional approach to reshaping our workplaces is critical to a positive and inclusive work culture.

On Wednesday 8th June from 6-7:30pm be-together and Seed Spaces are co-hosting a 90-minute practical workshop to explore how we can best plan for and deliver a positive and thriving workplace.

Are strong internal relationships central to the success of your organisation? Do you have a role in shaping your employee experience? Are you involved in planning the transition to hybrid work?
This workshop is a chance to explore issues and share perspectives with people who are the facing the same challenges as you.

The event will revolve around active small group discussions between participants, on three key topics:
How to take an intentional approach to relational work – led by Warwick Pelly, be-together
How to address organisational and team causes of burnout – led by John Chan, Infinite Potential
How to create an office ‘hub’ that is optimised for diversity & inclusion – led by Abbey Pantano, Founder, Seed Spaces

We’ll introduce each topic with a 3-5 minute presentation, and then guide you through a structured 20-minute small-group discussion, where you can share your ideas, and learn from others.

There will also be tasty treats from Kitchko and a drink to match – so no need to plan for dinner!

Any ticket proceeds left over post catering & cleaning costs will be donated to to support youth mentoring.

Registrations close on Friday June 3, or before that if we reach capacity. Places are limited – so book your place now!

Our workshop facilitators and presenters:

Dr Tanya Pelly, Co-Founder, be-together – Workshop leader. Relational leadership and change agent. –…

Abbey Pantano, Co-Founder and Community Connector, Seed Spaces. Creating powerful partnerships between conscious leaders to create wildly profitable enterprises, inspiring communities and positive impact –…

John Chan, Infinite Potential – Researcher and talent management leader. Focused on transforming work into a place that empowers individuals to realise their whole potential – inside and outside of work –…

Warwick Pelly, Co-Founder, be-together – Social entrepreneur and pragmatist committed to unlocking systems change through enabling relational work –…

About be-together
be-together works with mid-sized organisations to embed an intentional approach to relational work. This means people can build purposeful relationships across organisations, in the process of getting work done.
While every organisation has a unique culture, the one constant for success is the need for people to share positive working relationships.

About Seed Spaces
Seed Spaces is a social impact business community committed to helping socially and environmentally conscious leaders turn good intentions into business innovations. Our mission is to partner entrepreneurs with like-minded business owners to build their network, share ideas and create wildly profitable, impactful enterprises.  Find our more about our beautiful community and space at

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