Plastic Free SEA presents: Talking about Climate Change with Loved Ones


  • Are you on a roll and feeling excited about your new net-zero, climate-positive life but then you realise that the people around you…. don’t seem to notice?⁠
  • Is it your colleagues who always leave the AC on when there’s no need?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by climate change impacts and can’t understand why others don’t seem to care?
  • Or do your friends tease you when you talk about switching to banks that don’t invest in fossil fuels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is for you. 

This workshop will step you through the tactics that industry leaders and climate pioneers have been using, effectively, for years.⁠ It will also dive into the psychology of why other people don’t seem to ‘get it’, and help you get on their level so that you can create meaningful change. 

Full disclaimer – this isn’t an overnight solution, but it will give you some practical tools to use immediately, and it will help you to stop feeling frustrated and to start inspiring others. 

About the host 

Hosted by Sarah Rhodes, Environmental Sustainability Consultant at Plastic Free SEA, and recent recipient of the Pioneering Women Scholarship in Start Some Good’s Good Hustle Program. I’m Since 2015, Sarah has helped hundreds of businesses make solid environmental change that’s improved their business. Are you next? Her approach is supportive, inclusive and non-judgemental. She’ll help you cut through the jargon, greenwashing pitfalls and bring your team on the journey to successful environmental change.

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