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The Top Ten Benefits of Co-working for Grow-Getters

Before we explain, you might be wondering, “what actually is a co-working space?”

And, potentially “what the heck is a grow-getter?”

Well, a co-working or shared office space is a work environment with multiple different business teams and entrepreneurs under the same roof.

And a grow-getter (or go-getter) is simply put someone who is keen to get sh*t done efficiently and un-apologetically.

Now, for those benefits:

  1. Networking

This might be one of the main benefits most people think of when joining a co-working space. With different individuals and teams, they often come with different ideas, skills and experience. Networking in this environment could mean learning something new or gaining a fresh perspective. In fact, according to Ergonomic Trends, 79% of people who use co-working spaces have expanded their network.

  1. Potential for Business Growth

Networking and growing your business often come hand in hand. Talking with people and sharing your skills could land you a new client. Say you’re a graphic designer and you start working in new co-working space with a few start-ups. You could be creating logo’s, social grids and much more, simply by networking.

3. Improved Productivity

Besides networking, one of the other major motivators behind co-working is to increase productivity. If you’re working in an environment where everyone else is, it’s bound to keep you motivated as well. If the social norm is to be working productively, you will definitely feel the need to do the same.

  1. Reduced costs for start-ups

If you’re a start-up business, the idea of setting up and fitting out an entirely new office, buying furniture and office supplies may seem daunting and expensive. In a shared space, everything is there when you need it and taken care of. Instead of spending your time and money on the above, you can invest elsewhere in your business.

  1. Flexibility

Co-working, instead of having a fixed office space or working from home, allows you to work how you want to. You might decide you want to work in a shared space one day, at home the next or in a private office. Most co-working spaces offer that flexibility and the opportunity to upgrade and change your plan how you see fit. At Seed, we offer 24/7 access and a hot desk plan for those who don’t necessarily want a fixed space and still want to use a meeting room on occasion.

  1. Greater work-life balance

At Seed Spaces as an example, being close to public transport, café’s and gyms it encourages you to take a break and makes it easier to get home when you need to. With the added flexibility as well, it encourages a healthy work-life balance.

  1. A professional place to meet (without the owned-office price tag)

Having both shared and private spaces, it allows you to have the flexibility when you need it. If you have an important meeting you don’t have to head to a local cafe, instead use a professional (and quiet) meeting room to pitch to customers and build great partnerships.

  1. Make Great Friends

By interacting with others in a co-working space, you’ll potentially build a greater sense of community. This doesn’t just mean in the workplace either with more than half of co-workers hanging out after work and on weekends. The vast majority also state that they feel less lonely by using a shared office environment.

  1. Discover New Interesting Ideas or Broaden Your Horizons

While events are great for networking, they’re also a great chance to hear about topics you haven’t heard before. Even better, at Seed we give the opportunity for “open mic” nights, which is an opportunity for you to share ideas of your own which will drive more business.

  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone

As stated above, there are so many different benefits to using a co-working space. Whether it’s to build a community, network, or be more productive; being in a co-working space encourages you to be a grow-getter. If being a grow-getter currently feels out of your comfort zone, the environment aids you in getting there.

If you want to be more productive, network and grow your business, check us out and see what we can offer you.

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