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Why Dog-Friendly Co-Working Spaces are the Pick of the Litter

There are more than a handful (pawful?) of reasons why dogs make great companions in the office. Here are just our top five to convince your boss to bring your furry mate into the office.

  1. They improve staff wellbeing and morale 

Research from The International Journal of Workplace Health, found that having dogs in the office significantly reduced stress as their day progressed.

Dogs are also said to build a better workplace community. At the company Etsy, employees said that dogs help to keep their spirits high and create a better sense of community and connection. 

  1. Dogs are great for breaking the ice 

Dogs are a great way to spark conversation. Conversations that may never have happened can occur over something funny your dog does or over a game of fetch.

  1. Dogs can improve productivity

While initially, dogs may provide a small (but cute) source of distraction. The higher work morale and sense of community results in a lower rate of absenteeism and greater productivity. 

In a study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, almost half of those who brought a dog to work reported increased productivity, while the rest reported no significant change.

  1. They encourage physical activity 

Instead of scrolling through your feed on your break, you’ll find yourself out and about and getting those steps up.

Your dog will also, of course, need to go outside for the toilet on occasion, which gives you a much-needed quick break to re-focus and refresh. A study at the University of Illinois found that brief breaks help you stay focused on a task and can increase creativity.

  1. Improves Brand Image 

Interestingly, more people are looking to bring their dog to work. In the UK, 40% of millennials want to work in a dog-friendly space. And in Australia, we have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. 

With all the benefits of having a dog in the workplace, and the increasing demand, it’s no wonder why large organisations like Google and Uber are dog-friendly. 

Now to convince your boss …

OR just skip the negotiations and turn a work from home order to come work with us. Simples.  

Things to note: 

  1. Make sure your dog is ready for the new environment

This means ensuring that your dog plays well with others (human and canine) and isn’t aggressive. If you live nearby and can visit your office briefly on a day off or a half-day, introduce your dog slowly to the new environment. It’s also important that your pooch is toilet trained. I’m sure Mike from Finance wouldn’t appreciate stepping in Daisy’s mess in the breakroom.

  1. Not everyone likes dogs

It’s important to note that not everyone is a fan of dogs. At Seed Spaces, we have dog pods that keep your dog safe and separate from everyone. It’s also a good idea to have spaces where dogs may not be allowed to enter for those who feel uncomfortable or are even allergic to our furry friends.

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