SEED Spaces

SEED is a boutique co-working and event space offering quiet, collaborative or functional workspaces for individuals or small teams.

Made for
Individuals Small Teams Remote Staff

Attention to Detail

Located in the heart of Sydney, we are only a 10 minute drive from the CBD. Our central location makes Seed a convenient touchstone regardless of where you or your guests are coming from.

As with everything we do, ambience is at the top of mind. Our beautiful space is bright, welcoming, and spacious. You don’t have to worry about your event feeling cluttered, and our minimalist design is the perfect backdrop no matter how simplistic or ornate your taste may be.
“Seed is simply the best! You're not going to find an office that blends the benefits from working from the office and working from home like they do."

Spaces to suit any event

Our beautiful spaces are bright, welcoming, and spacious —whether you’re hosting a meeting, running a fashion show, or celebrating a book launch, we’ve got the space for you!

Whether it’s our main space with foldable tables that can host up to 80 people or one of our smaller meeting or workshop rooms there is a room to suit any event.

Larger events we’ve hosted include comedy nights, product launches, fashion shows and photoshoots. The main space is set up with speakers, mics and presentation screens so it’s a simple solution for your next event.


Space for you to grow