Authentic Selling presents: Customer Success – How to grow your business by helping your customers to succeed

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What is Customer Success?

Your business will be successful if your customers are successful.

If you believe in your product, one of the best ways to help your customers to be successful, is to help them use your product to its fullest capacity.

Customer Success is a way of supporting and growing business with existing customers, in a way that is focused on their success.

Why should I attend this info session?

This session is best suited for you if you are would like repeat business and hope to grow your business with existing customers.

Top 5 Things You’ll Take Away from this Session:

  1. What Customer Success is and why it works
  2. Why proactive customer success is better than reactive support
  3. How Customer Success methodologies will help you to identify business opportunities
  4. How Customer Success will help you understand your business better
  5. What steps you need to take to get started

You can attend in-person at Seed Spaces or online. 

In-person attendees will receive a free Recycled Elephant Dung Notebook from All of the Good Things!


We take the nonsense out of selling. Selling isn’t about pushing people to do things they don’t want to do – it’s about helping customers to find the best solution for their needs.

Authentic Selling provides you with the tools and information for you to setup and run effective sales and customer success processes within your business. We provide you with the core tools to get you started. You can then customise these for your own business. 

About Nimmity Zappert
Founder | Authentic Selling
Founder | All of the Good Things
Chair | Fair Trade Association of ANZ

Before founding Authentic Selling, I worked for 25+ years in senior management in the software industry. Starting out in Sydney Australia in the security industry in channel sales & marketing management, I later moved to the UK for several years as Head of International Sales for a major software firm. During this time and the decade that followed, I worked in senior management roles in several software businesses, continuing in this path when I moved back to Australia.

Working across many regions and cultures, I found that many of the things I had been taught about how business and sales should be done were very much coming from one business culture. Even 20 years ago, the sales ‘techniques’ that were being evangelised seemed old school. They were tacky and pushy, and so often they did not fit in the places and cultures I was selling into. They certainly did not make me feel good.

Out of necessity and the need to hit business metrics and sales targets, I learned how to sell and run businesses with authenticity. I essentially unlearned the tacky stuff – and taught myself how to sell with authenticity.

I can help you understand the lingo and share my 25+ years of experience on what you need to know to get started and can provide you with content and a toolkit to give you the confidence to get out there and sell – as yourself, with authenticity.

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