Hands on the Arts – Gowrie NSW

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Arts are essential to children’s positive development of self- concept in the early years and contribute immeasurably to self-regulation and wellbeing.

This two-hour workshop is an opportunity to ‘play’ with tools for mark-making and drawing in the early childhood environment. This event is not just a great opportunity for those within the early childhood sector, but also for any creatives who love to get involved!

We will explore artistic literacy through ‘mark-making’ using paint, collage and drawing to ‘stretch’ the media and offer diverse opportunities for self-expression.

Come ready to be inspired and excited about the possibilities of artistic expression.

Hosted at Seed Spaces Glebe:

Seed Spaces is a boutique, independent and locally-owned cowork and event space based in the heart of Glebe.

Designed with the earth and sustainability in mind (think recycled timbers, natural light and a plethora of plants) this multi-purpose space is the perfect venue for work, hire or play.

To find out more visit www.seedspaces.com

    Sold out

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